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Re-asons to be cheerful.

July 22, 2022

Re-asons to be cheerful.

Re-cycle, Re-use, Re-purpose, Re-green.

From Top Banana Antiques buy a terracotta flower pot, add soil, a 5 lettuce seeds and you have saved a fiver, plant pot £1, seeds £2.50 takes about 3 weeks before you can eat, looks good on windowsill or door step. Anywhere recycle or repurpose your yogurt pot or other plastic tubs, kids can paint decorate and for no money have fun fresh healthy food in a jiffy, even egg shells with cress and rolled up paper costs next to nothing helps global warming fun easy instant and fresh and no carbon footprint.

Move up a gear walk around most towns, pallets everywhere, make a shelf, gate, unique furniture etc, most streets seem to have furniture or items to re purpose, let alone junk and antiques shops, push a little bit harder buy a great item of furniture £20 to £50 and not hard to wash over with paint of stencils or even polish and off you go. Or buy a treasured item that has already lasted 200 years, we really can sell you an antique of this age let alone 100 years old for £100 to £200 in fine decent wood with grain age and patina and actually investment potential.

Saving transport, trees, and landfill, an item that can be sold handed on not just tipped. We promise you can buy antique/vintage so much less than new. Saving money as well as the planet, sorry not joking. A period chair opposite £45, find me a new chair of similar quality in hardwood mahogany, let alone leather seat.

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