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Rarely do as an antique dealer do I need to buy from the real world

December 14, 2022

Rarely do as an antique dealer do I need to buy from the real world

However, I had to go to my bank this week, an early start my bank now 18 miles from where I live in a pedestrian precinct, I take a friend to bank too, I spend 5 minutes negotiation with a traffic warden move the car again, dash to bank, where there are now no tills only machines with 2 people helping us ludites to use the machines as we are too stupid to do it.

Too draw cash this is so far about an 45 min process, by the way my lovely traffic warden gave me 5 minutes. One wonders why most towns are dying, the shops were pilled high with next months boot sale stock, as quiet frankly a sea of £20 to £40 junk that no one wants or needs. Of course no customers too boot and a bunch of staff who looked as if most just come in from lasts night rave.

On the other hand, our shop has a huge choice of everything in the elephants bag, at a huge price range, free unlimited hassle free parking and yes to collect larger items come outside our shop there is a large loading space and fill up, or we will deliver or post. Staff regardless of how good last night rave was, actually want to be in the shop, indeed revel in it and cant wait to see what the day brings as all our staff actively buy and sell their own stock too.

I cant understand why town councils seem to wish to kill their towns making shopping a trail and a town without shopping is a dead or dying town.

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