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Proof that antiques work

June 17, 2023

Proof that antiques work

Who uses leaf tea, let alone tea pots, or tea cups.

Well someone does as we sell every tea strainer we get, tea for sure has gone American, tea bags and mugs, however tea is revered and the "tea box" is very much part of American culture, offering a range of unusual and delicate teas.

We are antiques dealers not tea merchants, however antiques are special and add a whole sense to any occasion, and why not every day, all my drinking glasses are antique between 80 to 200 years old, all odds, the odd pair, but any visitor comments and enjoys the weight size and quality, and yes occasionally to odd one gets broken, I did a few years ago scratch my car. 

Many times just looking at things in a different way, like a pig bench into a coffee table, a fire extinguisher into a lamp, more usual a vase in to a  lamp, a tray into a table, and antiques work and rework.

Tea cups make great gifts for baby showers etc, tea pots actually make really nice planters and actually with an iconic shade look great as a collection. Anyway top tip tea strainers sell and like antiques are pertinent, useful and fun to use and enjoy. 



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