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Please don't forget antiques dealers are the original recyclers

June 03, 2021

Please don't forget antiques dealers are the original recyclers

Obviously all our goods are preowned and preloved and preused, in effect recycled.

Almost everything is for sale at far less then it would cost to make, let alone what it might cost in materials let alone if you could get the materials, a lot of the Caribbean mahogany was extinct in the 1820s.

We have a table in our shop at £8500 I am confident that it couldn't be made for the asking price, let alone the Victorian pine 3 drawer chest of drawers sold for £30 last Saturday.

The glass and china we sell often at a pound or so in price couldn't be made for what we sell it for and often over 100 years old most likely used by 3 generations. Really most of what we sell is great value especially compared to new items and couldn't be made for price we sell it at.

Let alone all the boot fairs etc that give people access to affordable stuff and save landfill and pollution.

Really most of the time there is no need to buy new at all. think green think antique, and vintage.



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