Pass the viniagrette please

July 13, 2022

Pass the viniagrette please

On a bus recently I asked an acquaintance what they thought a vinaigrette was, they told me that their grandmother used to have a special cut glass bottle to hold the salad dressing. A bit like a Canterbury is not a resident of Canterbury.

Unusually this one pictured is 15ct gold, most vinaigrette are silver, they tend to be fairly small often with a bale rind to attach to a watch chain or long guard, normally with a highly decorated grill like this one with flowers and forget me nots, below the hinged grill was anatural sponge which was impregnated doused in perfume and when fine gentlemen or woman were out and about and faced with a mal odour would produce the little box and inhale the lovley sent as opposed the stink from the drains or whatever. 

A great item to collect affordable and particually the silver ones come with good period makers and hallmarks.

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