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Our newest silver dealer bucks the trend

November 10, 2022

Our newest silver dealer bucks the trend

Antiques dealers have always loved silver. Quality, decorative, useful items backed up by a precious metal. Whats not to love?

Except, barring presents and Christmas antique silver actually has not been that easy to sell unless of course bellow the base value.

We had a new dealer, I say new dealer Tricia Exell dealt in Tetbury before, she joined us a week ago with goods not seen by the market in 4 years, she hasn't repriced, her prices are very competitive and she has taken more in 4 days than most of our established silver dealers have in a month. Proving that antiques are going up in price, particular silver, and being able to just be a little more competitive in price she has sold really well.

Proving as ever that well priced items will fly out, doesn't mean they per say need to be cheap they need to be good value, representing a good buy for the clients. In our shop the dealers who consistently bring in fresh items and actually need to make a living do the best, by offering wanted items at wanted prices.

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