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Once, twice, three times then a lady

April 04, 2021

Once, twice, three times then a lady

Margie Cooper added a breath of fresh feminine air to Top Banana Antiques in Tetbury yesterday, 3 times in 6 months we have had the cameras in, but up to now all male experts, a bit like Top Banana, the show must go on.

Margie battled hard for her charity and Wonderful Walter gave in gracefully, guiding items that would make money for the charity in auction "the items she chose were no-brainer for making a profit in auction" he said.

Fun day nice to have a break in listing on, I asked when they booked in to come why they were coming again this crew came last in September (5 different programs film at shop, not just antique programs either ) the quote was "we love coming to top banana antiques as its always full of fresh interesting antique items and we know we can rely on quality in quantity".

Very nice and good to have a change, made a long day as Walter left 7.30 pm at night, well done.

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