Ojime what is it

January 18, 2021

Ojime what is it

The smart answer is a toggle or bead that used as a drawer string on an inro, ok what's an inro, an inro is normally a beautiful statement item, normally in lacquer, made like a purse in sections to hold money snuff tobacco etc and maybe even in the past drugs.

Bear in mind Japanese clothes were not known for their pockets, so an inro used to hang from the mans belt with the ojime toggle and often above this was a netsuke of which a lot of people would of heard of but wouldn't necessarily know what it was for.

Of course these could be functional just wood and leather or really really ornate, best lacquer sometimes in gold and silver, however think the lacquered ones were the most sought after as the work was immense and the detail etc, a great thing to collect have good longevity and don't take a lot of space and look fabulous and each one unique.

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