Now everyone is an antique dealer

August 30, 2022

Now everyone is an antique dealer

The antiques business has always attracted many experts and of course many people who have a job and use there antiques business as a paying hobby.

However now more than ever it seems that's after spending 10 mins online everyone now is an expert in antiques. What sells antiques is, knowledgeable dealers buying the correct goods in the correct condition and offering them in an appealing way, whether that be by good displayed stock backed up by decent comparable items investing in stock and selling space. Or by selling perhaps less special items at an appealing price.

Often sellers seem to forget about the real costs of running a business, interestingly 3 Antique Centres in the Cotswold's have gone over the summer. We are twenty years old this November. We may seem smug, far from it every week is an enjoyable battle to survive and thrive.

We are full bar one picture space, why because we work at selling and work hard at buying right so we can sell right.

Perhaps next time you look up the so called value or price of anything you may bear in mind that there is this very real need to make a profit as if none then maybe we wont be here in another 20 years. 2 of the centres that closed their favourite word was NO ours is most definitely YES where possible.

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