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Novelty sterling silver, antique of course

September 05, 2023

Novelty sterling silver, antique of course

Anne Parker always sells a good selection of novelty silver, as do Piers Rankin and Bullionaire Jewellery.

The key to this is buying old / antique, there are many many copies out there so be aware anything 925 is to be avoided but a full English hallmark is a full proof of date and quality.

Novelty items that are fun and useful are the best and most sort after and certain animal such as owls, pigs and rabbits etc monkeys are more sort after.

Dents can be sorted as can pincushions etc, good to make sure animals etc stand well. Of course many other genres than animals are out there to be found really you think of it it will of been made in silver.

The Victorians were masters at making presses etc to manufacture these items, and loved to collect the unusual.

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