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New Staffordshire Pottery Section

October 06, 2016

New Staffordshire Pottery Section

We have recently added a whole section devoted to Staffordshire Pottery, most people are probably familiar with the term but may not be sure precisely what it means, well join the club.

Staffordshire Pottery is a very broad term, firstly it was not all produced in the area of Staffordshire around Stoke-On-Trent which came to be known as 'The Potteries' it was also made in other English counties as well as in Scotland at such places as Pollockshaws in Glasgow and Portobello near Edinburgh. 

Staffordshire pottery is a form of slip moulded earthenware pottery, this means the clay form is made in a mould then painted or dipped with a glaze.  Stylistically Staffordshire Pottery also covers a broad area, most people would associate Staffordshire Pottery with figurines such as the pairs of King Charles Spaniel Dogs (see below), which no Victorian home was complete without, as well as other animal figurines, depictions of people from history or literature or other more practical item such as pastille burners (used to create more pleasant aromas) often in the form of cottages or houses or spill vases.

These colourful examples of folk art also depicted currant events of the time or political topics.


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