Must be the rustle of paper that's drives dealers loopy

May 30, 2021

Must be the rustle of paper that's drives dealers loopy

A bit like Christmas or a birthday present. That seems to make us all go gaga with desire of the antiques fair and flea market, doubly amusing when I have seen shop and stores emptying this week ready for the big bank holiday weekend ahead and loading lovingly all their unwanted & unsaleable wares to be taken off to some far flung place, which quid per quo costs a lot to stand at and takes a lot of time and energy.

The smell of freshly mown grass and exhaust, early start, massive time pressured journey, queuing in traffic for hours to either get too and get into a field of junk and up-cycled junk, and then to be charged between £5 and £25 for the privilege.

We have 55 professional knowledgeable dealers bringing fresh antiques in from all over the country brought in a calm and considered way, well described and sensibly priced.

Free unlimited parking and of course free entry into the shop always, and a big shop were you can take your time keep cool, dry, and comfortable and browse in peace literally you can spend whole day in shop without hassle and never have to buy anything.

Break at lunchtime, have a quality lunch to suit all styles and budgets we have so much food choice in Tetbury, see about Tetbury page.


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