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Most antiques fairs are full of Darleks

August 23, 2022

Most antiques fairs are full of Darleks

By this we don't mean, they are full of Dr Who collectables, what we mean is unfortunately on the whole they are full of all the things that are tricky to sell online.

Having proper one dealer, one room, showrooms we can display and sell almost anything legal, we do try very hard to keep to antique and some vintage, but real vintage not a 5 year old Le Cruset pot a bit scratched and last years colours. We do of course sell on and we offer lots of not easy to pack stuff, and we professionally pack and send these items and in the highly unlikely event of a disaster, we refund and cover our dealers too.

Its takes a wee while longer to pack a large pair of glass vases than a gold brooch. Funny enough clients expect these things to get to them in good order. 

As a general rule good antiques cost good money, a large Victorian jug cracked and chipped is not good money. Most fairs and antiques centres are full of vintage, which on the whole was brought cheaply at the weekend boot sale.

More and more we are offering goods that either have come from private calls & sources or overseas antiques buying trips, and nearly all our dealers don't sell at antiques fairs. They soon catch on just how expensive and costly personally it is, in time money and energy.



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