May Day, Second best day this year

May 02, 2021

May Day, Second best day this year

Second best day this year thanks to Edd and Martien, working efficiently and more importantly big thanks to our customers, what makes May Day so good is all cold walk in business, no booked regulars, just good solid customers looking for good stuff at good prices and finding it.

Added by a designer furnishing another hotel and being able to get 7 mirrors in one place plus a lot of other decorative pieces at same time.

Top Banana in a vibrant fresh market place full of life, went around several centre last week they have to look and smell that goods limped in to the premises some time ago to die a quiet death, where as we have many fresh items daily often several hundred in a day.

Top Banana Antiques & Tetbury itself offer a huge variety of goods and food and entertainment for every one in a vibrant happy busy but safe way, we offer 25 rooms of stock over 5 floors 35 people rating biggest in Tetbury.

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