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Making the unloved, feel loved and useful

August 04, 2022

Making the unloved, feel loved and useful

Last Saturday, we moved hell high water and several cabinets to get a huge house keepers cupboard into Garsdon Barn Antiques.

It had languished in a local manor houses garage for 40 years, now with a dust off and wash over now ready for another 100 years of good service as a kitchen store cupboard or linen cupboard again, after being estate built in the 19th century.

Most of our stock over its lifespan has been in and out of fashion, its our job to finds whats wanted or indeed make the unwanted wanted.

So many items with a little bit of thought can be made to work and in fact made to enhance modern day living and expectations and needs.

A pair of appliques made into lamps a good example.

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