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Mabel's been on her Scottish road trip, she has learnt a lot

August 01, 2022

Mabel's been on her Scottish road trip, she has learnt a lot

Almost without exception the Sottish dealers seem a jolly lot and also seem to be doing generally really well.

In broad terms they fall into 2 types those seriously high end and polished or those with genuine house brought items that are on offer and for sale, as a general rule most are quite different to English stock, perhaps one might expect this, but was surprised how different, and due to less population and therefore less turnover tended to need fuller prices than in the south.

There seems a genuine interest in the old and the past, and unlike in England where a lot of shops are group shops i.e. more than one dealer sharing a shop, most were single dealers in there own shops.

It was fantastic with the help of the National Trust for Scotland to see genuine antique items of the correct period in their proper period settings.

Most dealers seem to have smaller shops offering a lot of antique jewellery and silver, we have all adapted to new trading conditions, which since lockdown has see a renaissance with particularity younger people interested in all antiques not just vintage clothes and jewellery.

Just like the England the dealers that are still trading are trading well. Good to get out there and see what the other half is doing.


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