Lovers eye jewellery

March 26, 2021

Lovers eye jewellery

Whats is a lovers eye, normally a piece of jewellery painted by a miniature artist, in a true likeness of normally a ladies eye or of course sometimes a mans.

This was then meant to keep the secret of whom the lover was, from everyone but the wearer, these items were normally in a brooch, a ring or pendant form.

More often or not surrounded by precious or semi precious stones such as garnets, amethysts, pearls etc. We even had a stick pin where the lens of the pin was made from diamond surrounded by even more diamonds of course commanded a premium price.

They were popular as a fashion from the 1780 to about the 1840s, now make a rare and collectable item.

Bear in mind this didn't mean all Georgians had mistresses etc but in the days when particularly a woman's virtue was at stake perhaps more important to keep things a little quieter.

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