Love it or list it, or if your parents had it hate it, grandparents love it

December 04, 2022

Love it or list it, or if your parents had it hate it, grandparents love it

Generally in current memory with collecting and perhaps more importantly decorating with antiques and vintage and even up-cycled, as a general rule we love what grannie had hate what mum had.

I think this is for 2 reasons often we aim to improve as a society so hopefully children have preheats more knowledge and money then their parents, possibly allowing them to decorate more tastefully. Money doesn't make good interior design far from it, an acquaintance of mine suddenly overnight made 38 million, handy and his new manor house was full of the best individual items money could buy, but they all clashed all wrong styles and colours etc.

Often a former utilitarian item such as a transfer printed blue and white jug, with a few well chosen blooms works well, personally I feel a home like a book shelf should not be too perfectly staged as if so really the books are never read i.e. the home is a house not a home.

Antiques make a home, add instant depth to decor, and instant individuality, some youngsters fill their house full of new of distressed items from Indonesia, why one easy to buy

1. Online from a catalogue,

2. Habitat etc create them a look, and

3. As inexperienced fear jumping off the mainline of interior design for fear of making a mistake.

Our postman shops with us, we have teenage boys collecting stuffed animals and coins, Royalty, Equerry, and top famous interior designers with big budgets, let alone stars of film and stage and prop buyers galore. Everyone is treated the same and helped if needed the shop always buzzes with fun conversation and dogs of every size and type.



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