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Lomond Antiques expand - So does Top Banana Antiques

October 27, 2020

Lomond Antiques expand - So does Top Banana Antiques

Phil & Sue add another cabinet to their existing 3 and as so busy with good pictures add extra selling space too. Fantastic.

As we have been consistently run off our feet, and now everyday dealers delivering new antiques stock to shop, and like all our clients they need help, we are going to have 3 staff on most days.

One will be listing online full time but up on 2nd floor to help the top part of building and cover the cabinet room. One covering the till, emails and wrapping and one to help where ever needed.

Please help us by ideally coming early we open every day 8.30 am, traffic around Tetbury easy and unloading easy. They say 'The Early Bird' catch the worm, well maybe in our case you'll catch coffee, and help as we can get you in & out so not to be in the way of client's, you can come any day but of course weekends tend to have more bodies, and bear in mind as so many of our clients are from out of town and having a well earned break in a local hotel generally dont want to come early doors. 

Things are moving at Top Banana, help us to help you. Fresh stock equals fresh sales, social distancing easily observed as 25 rooms, 5 floors, 35 people rating big safe accessible shop.

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