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Light up your Christmas

December 07, 2017

Light up your Christmas

The only way to give added atmosphere to your Christmas is to add candlelight to the mix.  Candlesticks of all kinds are always a good buy, and will become a treasured addition when entertaining.

Before the advent of gas lighting in the early 19th century most rooms were lit by oil lamps or candlelight. So every household was never had a shortage of candlesticks. Modest ones for the use of staff and servants, and costly silver in the latest designs for 'above stairs'.

If you are short of space on your table and don't like the idea of talking to your guests around a candlestick, a great idea is to de-electrify a chandelier, and replace the fittings with real candles, this can be hung low over the table with great effect, without taking up space.

Occasionally it is possible to find an original chandelier that has never held electric lights, like the unusual mid 19th century wrought and cast iron one illustrated here.

If you need inspiration for adding that special touch of candlelight, look no further and visit us here in Tetbury, a town already well steeped in the festive spirit of Christmas.




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