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Lea Stein, iconic jewllery

May 13, 2021 1 Comment

Lea Stein, iconic jewllery

Born 11 February 1936, at the start of Second World War. In the 1950'ss she started a career in the fashion industry, of course Paris being the epicenter of this trade, after a few years she started designing a sort of pop type jewellery.

Producing her first items made in cellulose acetate, and by layering these sheets of plastic gave an iconic 3D type effect, and by choosing very simple designs such as a fox or cat and then often giving them slightly quirky names made the whole brooch wearing fashionable, affordable and collectable.

Her first production was in 1969 to 1981 where the famous animals took off. Another run was produced 1991 to now, there is a difference between the old and the new ones and you want to look for a v shaped brooch pin with the mark.

Great fun, we sell loads mostly via Anna Yeager please search on Anna's name to see lots on our website.

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Susan bartlett
Susan bartlett

October 09, 2023

When was the possum brooch first produced. Which shape pin indicates an older brooch.

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