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September 09, 2023


Horrid word but great stuff to collect and decorate with. Lets face it what is a kitchen without some decoration, a sole less sea of pastel paint as lifeless as a desert.

As fashion led will (thank goodness say the kitchen fitters) will be wrong colour and wrong look in only a year or too.

Kichenalia all though in many respect common items has held its value and Tom Hemmings offers some seriously collectable and desirable late 19th century and early 20th century kitchen and dairy antiques.

Stan Knights covers the early to mid twentieth century, perhaps a standard round cheese grater not top of the pops but have an oversized triangular one with a makers name on it or a special patent such as a cherry stoner attached then off you go. Varieties and oddities what make things more sort after.

When I first started bread boards and knives all the rage with good carving once sold a magnificent board for £350 however like so many things hardly see any even standard "bread" boards.

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