Just a little bit different

January 20, 2021

Just a little bit different

We try to be different, hence why called Top Banana Antiques, we run a very serious business whilst actually trying to make it fun, as buying and selling antiques is great fun, and the constant hope and often realised of finding a bargain. I miss good profits every day in the shop, as so many goods come in, and the shop is so big, with so much it really is impossible to see it all, no matter how professional you are.

Daily without exception people tell us that Top Banana Antiques is their favourite shop, they are not many spacious shops where you can wonder in, maybe depending on how busy we are get a hello and certainly spend the whole day wondering around without hassle, if you want help shout and we are there, we have a good general knowledge of our stock and if we don't know, we have hundreds of years experience we can drawer on from our dealer many of them been trading over 50 years.

But and a big but, we have dealers who have been trading for only a year or two, giving us fresh eyes and inspiration, with now a lot of 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s items selling well and being sought out by buyers as well as period antiques which we have.

We offer a huge range from £1 to £8500, some great bargains, good honest junk, through to decorative antiques, and fine period antiques. We really have something for nearly everyone and more importantly there is every chance of finding that good lot for not a lot. 


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