Josiah Snatt there is a name to inspire interest

June 14, 2022

Josiah Snatt there is a name to inspire interest

Collecting silver caddy spoons yawn yawn I hear you cry, well what it not amazing about Josiah Snatt you couldn't make this name up not even Dickens, like so many things in life once you start the interest builds and builds.

This Snatt spoon in the photo although has a fabulous name is fairly mainstream but of course spoons come in all types, often made in shape of tea leaf or shells, with fruit etc, on and on its goes.

Of course this is the art of collecting. Collecting my be out of fashion and it may be a world of old men, I went to fair recently and all the trade buyers had walking sticks, proving one thing once bitten impossible to leave alone, we are consistently getting younger and younger buyers, who often start with coins or stamps or even just little bits of treasure.

Once you get into collecting and if careful and prudent even in a changing world you still will have a decent investment, I wonder how many of you can boast how well pensions and paper investments are going at mo, overheard a recent quote my pension doing well its only lost 5% let alone all its gains over the last few years. Good to have a tangible fun item, tactile useful and decorative and a pleasure to hunt down and acquire, and will appreciate in value, but as with any investment need to keep eye on the market.

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