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Its All an Illusion, Decorating with Mirrors

August 29, 2017

Its All an Illusion, Decorating with Mirrors

Using mirrors to create space is a very old decorating trick, but using mirrors can also give so much life and interest to a room.  

Maybe you have a tiny downstairs cloakroom, instead of hanging pictures on the wall you can collect a group of old hand mirrors that ladies used to have on dressing tables, all you need to do is buy a pack of the sticky 'label' hanging loops that are normally used to hang plates. and make a very different and unusual arrangement of a group on one wall.

A very large mirror on a wall over a narrow console table  looks great in a long hallway, but why not find an old convex mirror and hang it centrally over the surface of the flat mirror, this will break up the expanse of the large mirror and add a new perspective, both in colour and reflection.

In France it is very traditional to hang a large mirror over a fireplace, but often you will find a small portrait or a sunburst clock hung over the upper half, this once again an original way to display a mirror and a favourite item.

At Top Banana we have a huge selection of all kinds of mirrors to use in so many ways!


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