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Is youre garden properly dressed

March 05, 2021

Is youre garden properly dressed

Just like you or your house, your garden needs to be thoughtfully dressed.

One needs to plan a palette of colour (in nature all colours, as in a flower meadow will get along) however one should plan colour, heights textures and movement in plants, trees and shrubs. Allowing space for growth, paths and walkways need to be part of the getting to know your garden experience offering a point of interest in a plant or a feature, this is where antiques and vintage come in. Making a point to admire, talk about or just to be surprised.

Its costs very little to add a pump to an old crock pot or tun to add life and movement and sound, my local garden centre sells these for £280, a decent pot £20 to £100 and a pump £20 to £30. Of course a garden centre offers those with little imagination, instant gratification in both plants and planter.

Antique and vintage tools, terracotta pots, a roller or figure add instant interest to a garden even an old watering can, and if a holy one makes a great planter.

Plant flowers in groups of 3,5,7, odd numbers to make an instant effect and height allowing space to grow, use an antique as instant height or focal point until plants settle in and develop, and have fun shopping for these items to really dress your garden well.

We have lots of items, affordable china and glass pots to give instant effect, colour texture and interest.

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