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Is this a spork?

August 19, 2022

Is this a spork?

The Victorians had an item of cutlery for everything and luckily the American too had paunchant for cake forks, oyster spoons etc.

There is something very nice of having the correct item for the correct job, such as a pair of grape shears or scissors actually facilitating the enjoyment of the grapes for you and others, a bit like not cutting the nose off the cheese, if you don't know what that means perhaps you need to learn as its really selfish thing to do. A cheese knife makes cutting cheese so much easier, Like wise a butter knife a slightly strange item, but having a large flat surface means butter can be taken in correct amount without falling off the knife, try using a dinner or steak knife you'll soon see why.

Eating a lobster without lobster picks harder, for sure, corn on the cob without corn spears, try serving asparagus without asparagus tongs all a lot harder.

The hunt for these needful things can be fun and putting on a good dinner table with nice stuff to use is a joy. We think the spork pictured is for serving meat with gravy but if you know better please do email us rare lot in 45 years never seen another.

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