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Is it snuff, patch or a sweetie

May 10, 2024

Is it snuff, patch or a sweetie

As dealers you sort of get immune to mis-described items otherwise you may well go insane, in particular online and by many auctions.

The answer to the question is simple its all inside. A patch box simple has a mirror to apply the patch, a black dot deemed to be attractive in the late 18th century. a snuff box normally needs a very snugly fitting lid and hinge and actually these Bilston enamel boxes are not normally suitable. Normally would have a locking button to keep snuff safe or at least a strong catch.

Lastly in this case it is a bon bonier or sweetie box, normally containing sweetmeat of ch0coclate or sugared sweets. They tend to be more bulbous allowing space to house sweets, and do not have a mirror.

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