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Investing in a pleasurable future

August 12, 2022

Investing in a pleasurable future

The word perfect storm, fuels up, costs up, inflation up, my pension is down.

My sister would call smug people "VPH's" very pleased with him or herself. Now I have been around the antiques business along time, and I know investing in antiques can be tricky, however like a boring paper investment timing is key, ideally you want to buy when prices low and sell when high.

Most things go in cycles, and over 45 years when brought and sold correctly antiques will outstrip most things, and no be-suited gentlemen who takes 5% fee or charging annual administration fees and more important you are in control. You can sell what you want when you want, certainly antiques will save you money against the new equivalent. 

20 years ago I brought a new house 6 beds for my family from my blue and white china collection, my wife had it in the divorce but as the Dutch saying goes "cest le vie".

A little known fact a life time collection of antiques has no capital gains tax. I would a blue and white transfer dinner plate in the nineties £100-£300 now same plate £10-£100. A good investment you say well they were in the 1980s £6 to £10 so they went up and up, reached a zenith at the time of the 9/11 and finally now are recovering again. All things are like this. Paper investments brought 2 years ago still less than paid.

Guaranteed antiques are and will be inflation busting, that's not say as investments held for ever, I Love blue and white china have a house full of it and I enjoy it, which is the real secret of investing in antiques, and the hunt is so much fun.



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