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I must be getting old

November 14, 2021

I must be getting old

Shepton mallet used to be so hard to get into unless you either slept with someone or they died, it was an excitingn vibrant proper qualitly antiques fair, now it marketed as a " Antique Vintage & collectors fair ".

There is nothing wrong with vintage but when vintage is an imported indoesian/chinese reprduction of a french antique, we all need to think again. Antiques are green, imported foreign normally from a different continent reproductions are not green, yes they keep peopel in jobs but prehaps their jobs could be replanting forests or similar. bear in mind with alot of these so called vintage items are made from hard wood.

We dont mind vintgae when it is vintgae we dont even mind a bit of junk @ topbananaantiques. But we do try and sell resonable quality well priced proper antiques ie over 100 years , doesnt mean expensive or boring, just look at our website to see the sort of range and we have a house clearer up in our attic with serious real house clearance bargains.

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