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I have never made a mistake in pricing

November 20, 2023

I have never made a mistake in pricing

Price tickets are a hopeful request not a statement factual worth. Now many things @topbananaantiques are crazy good value especially our £5 room, and as a general rule the well priced by this we mean competitively priced sell first or sell the quickest.

Many factors come in to play reference pricing and obviously unless one has made a bad mistake one needs a profit and a profit after costs such as card, fee, auction fees web fees etc. One get ought for nought these days.

The hard working active dealer, tends to want turnover than high profit, as they are buying lots and space and money turnover is needed. Often we have such volume of goods coming in from private calls, we almost have clearance sales to keep the space free.

Sometimes as dealers there is a temptation to forget just how much £100 is, think of last time you went food shopping. Sensible prices too such as £985.00 as opposed to £1013.00, whilst in the antiques world the euphemistic £9.99 is a pain with change etc thinking about a sensible price backed up by current trends and values really will pay off. One of our previously highly successful dealers, now retired was past master at offering an item worth £50 for £38 or £85 on a £100 item and his sales rolled in accordingly, put £120 on an item worth £100 will for certain take longer.

Whilst the buying public may not know the so called worth they know what it worth to them and they also know what the value of money is. Please don't forget credit cards cost more than debit cards, debit cards still cost too. 

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