How to grab those opportunities, a blog of 2 halves Part 2

September 11, 2020

How to grab those opportunities, a blog of 2 halves Part 2

We offer a start up cabinet at £50 a month, cabinets 2.5 times bigger £100.00 downstairs space from £400 only rarely available only due to serious illness. You can't do a weekly car boot for this cost.

So your unhappy with your lot want to make some changes, want some fun, excitement and a challenge?. Antiques dealing offer all these, first of all you will learn every day, and good news before you get bored with selling piquet aluminium tea sets the market will change and clients will want oil cans to make in to lamps/lights. (a lot of this going on now).

So cost factor gone, phew first concern off list.

I know nothing about antiques, easy buy and sell what you like, chances are if you love it other people will too.

I'll make mistakes, yes you will and you'll learn quickly the more you make.

I have no capitol, for £200 to £1000 you will fill your cabinet with antiques lots of great antiques out there for very little.

I dont know what to buy, firstly is it commercial i.e. will others want to buy it, secondly condition, very important damaged items can and do sell but price commensurate with condition.

How do I learn what to buy, easy research which can be fun these days with google really easy to see what similar items went for, generally the smart interior magazines and country homes country living etc will give you an idea of what's commercial what's wanted and what's on offer. Website will tell you want things are on sale and for how much.

I hate early mornings, whilst the cut and thrust of a torch light foray around the locals antiques market at 6 am is for some, I promise you can make a good living going to an antiques fair at 3pm as dealers want to sell at anytime, and of course auctions generally start at 11am and whilst I would recommend attending and viewing you can do a lot of donkey work online now.

Most people perceive the antiques business as a sort of gentile activities undertaken by vicars and middle class housewives, with a cucumber sandwich and a cup of tea. Actually just like the sport of kings, racing, the antiques biz is for everyone. In our shop we have 4 dealers under 30 years old, boys and girls, and 15 under 40, and yet we still sell mostly antiques with a little vintage mixed in.

Finally you'll learn quickly and safely as Top Banana offers you safe enviroment to learn grow and develop you're skills, which won't cost the earth will actually help save it. (Antiques are very green). Where you can get advice from the staff, whom all sell in the buisness, and support from 100 odd established dealers.

You can dip your toe in water for VIRTUALLY no cost, one month contract NO ONE EVER HAS COME INTO SHOP AND SOLD NOTHING- NO ONE .



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