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How did your centre do during the Christmas holiday?

January 07, 2022

How did your centre do during the Christmas holiday?

We bet most were closed, certainly nearly every antique shop in Tetbury was. We had complaint after complaint, don't tell them as we took over £32,000 in the holiday period, we only closed Christmas Day and Boxing Day.

On the 28th I called at one centre near Bicester in Oxfordshire for the 3rd time to find not only day before was closed but today 28th Dec 2021 they decided to have a lie in an open at 11pm I saw 3 client plus myself drive off, great move. No doubt closed at 4pm too.

Its not that we are heroes but 31 days in Decemeber a period when the majority of people are off and we are a leisure/hobby activity for many people. Why would you close for 14 or so days or more, when your poor dealers are paying large rents for nothing, let alone letting down your client who want to be able to shop at leisure. Let alone we were under threat of lockdown again, thank goodness commons sense seems to have prevailed and a lockdown seems unlikely now.

Anyway no doubt some comment will come but we only ever close Christmas Day and generally Boxing Day last year opened up as with imminent lockdown felt need to give our dealers every chance.

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