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February 21, 2022 1 Comment


Henry the VIII possibly but in this case Henry I.

We recently after lockdown, have seen a monumental change in clientele and whilst we still have the old guard of well educated collectors looking for prime goods both in our shop and on, they have tended to be of a certain age and dare I say type and from similar backgrounds.

Now with "air B&B" youngsters seeming to have deeper pockets then ever, perhaps as the under thirties seems to be not marrying and getting bogged down with life so early, they seem to have money to spend on almost every weekend mini breaks etc, with Top Banana Antiques being so close to London, often Tetbury can seem at the weekends easily part of the boroughs of London.

Youngsters of all types and backgrounds are avidly coming in searching for decorative antiques as well as vintage and records etc, looking to furnish their homes with affordable antiques, and sometimes high end ones too. Pleased that they can buy a lot in one place and we deliver it too.

So we now have 2 staff under 26 years old and Henry 15, want a career in antiques and wishes to work weekends. I started at 14 years old, be warned Henry I am addicted and 44 years on still endlessly questing, and learning everyday.

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February 28, 2022

I was “born” into a family that loved antiques. I never had a chance. every summer my mother and her two sisters would spend hours every week scouring the antique stores. I lived in Phoenix AZ USA where the summers could reach 115 degrees. Evaporative coolers in antique stores did not work well. It was unbearable. Without even trying I learned so much about antiques that I still feel like an encyclopedia of information I don’t need. Antiques is an obsession, a disease that you can’t be cured of. I’t good to hear there are future antique nerds out there.

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