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Happy St. George's Day.

April 23, 2020

Happy St. George's Day.
Fantastic antique sterling silver Regency shilling coin brooch pin with an enamel detail of St George slaying the dragon dating from the Georgian era. The coin is dated 1820 to the rear & in enamel 1821 to the front.
The silver has been tested as there are no silver marks. There are scratches to the enamel, please see the pictures. Good secure c clasp & pin. TBJ0664.
England, Ethiopia, Georgia, Catalonia, and several other nation states, cities, universities, professions and organisations all claim Saint George as their patron. There are two main versions of the legend, a Greek and a Latin version, which can both be traced to the 5th or 6th century. The saint's veneration dates to the 5th century with some certainty, and possibly still to the 4th. The addition of the dragon legend dates to the 11th century.
The tradition tells that a fierce dragon was causing panic at the city of Silene, Libya, at the time Saint George arrived there. In order to prevent the dragon from devastating people from the city, they gave two sheep each day to the dragon, but when the sheep were not enough they were forced to sacrifice humans instead of the two sheep. The human to be sacrificed was elected by the city's own people and that time the king's daughter was chosen to be sacrificed but no one was willing to take her place. Saint George saved the girl by slaying the dragon with a lance. The king was so grateful that he offered him treasures as a reward for saving his daughter's life, but Saint George refused it and instead he gave these to the poor. The people of the city were so amazed at what they had witnessed that they became Christians and were all baptized & the legend was born

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