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Green Bananas

November 18, 2020

Green Bananas

Antiques are green so the car sticker states.

I guess when a 200 year old item of furniture has been owned and used by 4 to 6 generations literally recycled reused and repurposed, this makes sense.

As previously commented on I have had tenant move out of a house with an Ikea wardrobe being flat packed for firewood or the tip, only to find to exact same item replaced as cheap and buyers unknowing a month later average life span 5 years.

The Ikea wardrobe could be composted if it didn't have the laminate on the outside maybe another thing to think about. Go to most sales or junk shops or place like Top Banana Antiques Mall (hard to believe but other shops are available). You will find a myriad of inexpensive furniture often for tenners, we recently sold 8 chairs all oak for £40, solid oak benches £60, tables £10 and £20 all from a pub clearance. We used the wood from one modern table to make paneling in a room far cheaper than buying in wood. 

In case you're missing the point ask a tree surgeon for a quote to cut down a tree, then see how inexpensive antique furniture is and of course your not just saving yourself money you're saving the planet too. Its not a crime to reuse are paint repurpose some older furniture, maybe these days a large wardrobe doesn't work in a small house but think you have a dressing mirror, often inside a set of hooks, 4 to 6 large panels of wood great shelving or similar, or making an interesting bit of steam punk iron into a lamp or coffee table. I am not saying you need to be a magician or ace woodworker just a little bit of thought to make an item into a planter or an old sewing machine base into an everlasting garden table, yes I do have one in my garden. My last teak table, although lasted me 12 years and I did by second hand, and I fear was not ethically produced, will guarantee my newly repurposed table will last 30 or more years maybe indefinitely, outside 365 days a year.

We send free post worldwide on our website saving endless inefficient car journeys, and we use all recycled materials some often 3 times, a constant supply brought in by staff and dealers really helpful and delaying the recycle bin and compost .Our shop bags are made from recycled polythene and are strong can be reused many times, make great bin bags and still after all that can and should be recycled.

Often items can be reused as planters, end tables, coffee tables, storage for very little cost or even change, a strip or re polish or even paint, decoupage, even recovering in material all makes an unloved item soar again for another 20 or 30 years.

I'll end on, once or twice a year do polish with wax, youre furniture it will love it and shine back and the bond between you and it will grow.

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