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Gilt or metal leaf

April 21, 2022

Gilt or metal leaf

Whats the difference? Gold leaf is 24ct solid gold hand beaten into super fine sheets, they say 1 gram can be beaten into enough to cover a football field, its is applied using a squirrel hair brush as it has supper fine hairs rubbed to create static onto bol and thin slip of plaster to seal woodwork and the moulded plaster details, rabbit glue is used to add a red background to show detail on the high points this is a deep red colour that enhances the look of the gold leaf.

Then hand polished or burnished using agate tools to highlight raised areas.

Metal leaf is normally made from bronze powder, giving greenish hew and of course is a lot cheaper and easier to apply. Like all skilled trade professionals make it look very easy believe me its not and its a kin to trying to apply spider webs in a force 10 gale to a surface.

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