Getting the mix right.

April 20, 2021

Getting the mix right.

As with a cake a good antiques centre, needs a good mix, of dealers and types of stock.

Justin Pike going from strength to strength new to us in December now with 3 cabinets sold well though lockdown.

Jamie Gibbs 21 years old but already 6 years in the trade, just joined with a small room and cabinet.

We lost one of our younger dealers during lockdown, unlike poor Mervyn Bennett aged 83, not to ill health, but through lack of sales unusual for us, however if you drop stock off in December do nothing to it at all for 4 months, even though all added online, don't clean it reprice do anything and present left over market goods what do you expect, other dealers literally next door sold and sold but have clean fresh well presented commercial goods and still through lockdown brought regularly fresh goods in, and sold as well if not on 2 months better than when open.

The great thing about this is for the buyer choice with range of prices, and mistakes which gives opportunity to learn and dealers to make a profit, we still sell 50 % to other dealers.

Whilst we have some very experienced dealers several with 60 years under their belts, we do love new members of trade too, we have 3 dealers under 30 years old in our shop.

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