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Genuinely touched

April 21, 2021

Genuinely touched

On Sunday last week, with our new freedom took the car out for a spin and visited Benson Village Hall Antiques fair, a nice medium sized antiques fair, well run, by Jay fairs, presenting a good selection of antiques and collectables. Decent honest quality stock.

I was greeted by the organiser, which is normal, but what was really nice was she stated "Nice to see you again, I don't normally comment on other peoples businesses, however I must say the work you have done through lockdown for your shop is amazing, well done , your standholders must be very pleased".

Its nice that not only our standholders have noticed but other people too, how hard the boys worked adding to website daily now nearly everything online, we have fully embraced the internet via a website not just now but for 20 years, and the website is working better and better. Its great to be back with face to face biz and feeling the buzz again in the shop.

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