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Funny how things change

April 18, 2023

Funny how things change

EBay used to be the place for bargains in fact 12 years ago Top Banana Antiques used to have 2 sites, "Mister-charm" strangely enough selling charms and "top-banana-antiques-tetbury" with a total of over 50,000 positive feedback's and 100 % to boot.

We used to start everything at a pound, and genuine bargains were to be had. Its well known we at Top Banana Antiques have been in antiques business a long time.

We recently sold a rare item of Georg Jensen for £4850 on there is one on eBay 2.5 times more. We have a fantastic solid silver horse by Lora McKean our price £585, eBay's price £2565. OK not quiet as well known as eBay but definitely selling day in day out good things for good prices. Unlike eBay our site is "Free-post on most"

Let alone the good lots that are sold daily to other dealers in our shop, website gives you an overall feel of the shop but doing the leg work makes all the difference.

Item over is solid cast hallmarked sterling silver not filled or loaded or weighted nearly 20 troy ounces 614 grams.

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