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Free is good

December 01, 2020

picture of special delivery label

We pride ourselves in quick efficient free postage (seriously heavy items over 5 kg may be charged) but most are free, that's free of packing charges, free of packing materials costs, surprising whilst we reuse as much as possible, padded envelopes tape bubble wrap tissue etc are not free to us.

The other day we sold some candlesticks heavy but postable, and they had a Cirencester address not far from Tetbury and on the way home, turned out it was 16 miles from Cirencester so at 6 am in the morning, we set out to deliver, of course the house lets say Cotswold cottage didn't have a house sign let alone any lights let alone a road name just a postcode and of course as all villages now seem to be outposts of Chelsea no one knows where anyone lives, any way after a lot of walking in the rain finally found and delivered, taking 45 minutes of time wear and tear and diesel, it seems to me that paying the post office £4 odd for personally generally very reliable postage seems to me to be a be a very good deal.

So perhaps bear in mind next time you order an item from us for £30 including postage what effort goes into getting this to you for free.

Not moaning, really am not but it doesn't hurt to get some perspective on how the other half works, we send everything tracked and signed for and where viable insured too. 

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