Fashion and silver

December 18, 2022

Fashion and silver

Silver like most things follow fashion, often as in the art and crafts period people Like Omar Ramsden tended to lead the way, using a combination of organic and often Celtic inspired items, in turn these got their inspiration from the Tudor periods. Really little is new and unique.

The Victorians tended to like to jazz as period Georgian silver by embossing flowers and patterns. A skilled silver smith by using 2 hammers can reverse this process and tap the flowers and decoration back into the silver to make as original, a skilled and time involved process.

We have some modern Guild of Handicrafts silver these items are direct copies of the art of crafts items from the 1890 and these are what is called planised, a process of using opposite blows of the hammer making a raised hand finished decoration to the silver.

In the last 100 years particularly if looking at a large silver stock you can see the various fashions on style and how they have been influenced. Jug opposite would of started life as plain silver with no embossing.

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