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Fan Of Fans

October 28, 2019

Fan Of Fans

 From empresses to the poorest villagers, fans have been part of Chinese culture for over 2000 years. The history the Chinese fan isn't just to beat the heat! The original circular fan has said to been modeled after the full moon and symbolises Union and Happiness.

 Today's folding fans where brought over during the Ming dynasty from Japan and are on the rise to get more and more popular nowadays in Interior Designs. The flowers and birds painted on them symbolise purity and grace and some of them are decorated with scenes of natural beauty or even romantic poems.They can be used as room dividers, sun screens or a statement piece of art on your wall.

 We have a great selection on our first floor here in Top Banana, and as a fan of fans we highly recommend them as an ideal gift to bring style and sophistication to your Christmas and interior this year!



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