Don't Tell Me How Educated You Are, Tell Me How Much You Travelled.

August 18, 2018

Don't Tell Me How Educated You Are, Tell Me How Much You Travelled.

Ever since Mankind walked on the surface of the earth, they've been intrigued with what could be found behind the farthest point the eye could see........ Even in the first book of the bible Genesis, already in chapter 4 it tells about Cain travelling to the land of Nod, East of Eden.

As A child the sight of a globe would send me ecstatic and would keep me engaged for hours and hours.                                               I could dream away over maps, encyclopedia and pictures of lands far away and promised myself I would travel the world which in fact I did and still do.......

Benjamin Disraeli, 1st Earl of Beaconsfield and twice Prime Minister once said: 'like all great travellers, I have seen more than I remember and I remember more than I have seen'..................  That's very much the reason I like to be here at Top Banana, Not only do we have a large number of maps, globes and encyclopedia and daily welcome travellers from all over the world but we have a vast amount of the most special and intriguing items also brought to us from the farthest parts of the globe....... all bringing back memories made, cultures and peoples met and items seen and brought back to fill my tiny little cottage........Oh how I long to see even more of this pretty and amazing world.

So come and visit us here In Top Banana for a micro-tour-around-the-world and find a little treasure (or a big one) to to take back to your home and dream about the beauty of the world and it's inhabitants....

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