Does your antiques centre work for you

August 13, 2020

Does your antiques centre work for you

It seems to me most do not, work on you're behalf at all, I was looking around for a client the other day for a specific item, I called one centre in the midlands as HAD NO WEBSITE asked them if they had X in stock, very vague almost off hand, said might have few, I asked for pictures to be emailed, "Sorry we are in a basement cant get signal here for emails".

Most centres have no website and those who do rarely sell online, dont let on during lock down, we managed 50% turnover via our website, of course established for 24 years, spent 4 thousand pounds updating the day of lock down.

We open 7 days a week 363 days a year, we open early than stated hours and never close either for lunch or early. Recently went to a centre where at 4.15 announced shutting in 15 mins, literally after doing a 1/3rd of shop asked to leave as 4.30pm, Top Banana Antiques 9 till 5.30 pm and longer if asked.

We have easy delivery / collection in shop hours and other times by appointment.

Making it easy to buy & sell as not hard. 

Listing 20 fresh items a day on our website every day.

Top Banana does all postage and sorts all delivery for you.

Daily blogs, and Twitter, Facebook, Pin Interest, Instagram, our followers grow daily and worth a read / look. 

Keen interested staff,who if they dont know will find out for you.

3 new staff added since lock down. Most rooms redecorated, new carpet in cabinet room and new picture gallery.

Most important of all dealers who want to sell and sell a decent goods and decent prices.

Lastly for 3 more days have introductory offer on cabinets see previous blogs. 





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