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Do you know your Stalactites from your Stalagmites?

February 08, 2017

Do you know your Stalactites from your Stalagmites?

Here at Top Banana we certainly do, all you have to remember is Stalactites cling tight, that is Stalactites come down from the ceiling hence they cling tight and therefore Stalagmites come up from the ground.  This example is a Stalactite and is a stunning point of interest for any room and is for sale here at Top Banana.

We think that this example is a Limestone Stalactite, formed by the deposit of calcium carbonate and other minerals which have been dissolved in water and then deposited on contact with air.  The average growth rate for a Stalactite is 0.13 mm a year, our Stalactite is 103 cm tall, that means it took approximately 7923 years to form! 

You never know what you may find at Top Banana so always worth a visit.

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