Dealer Of The Day: Andrew Tabona

April 21, 2020

Dealer Of The Day: Andrew Tabona

Our Mall is situated in the old brew master's house of Tetbury Brewery and our beautiful building has 5 floors with over 20 rooms and maybe as much alcove's, cubbyholes and built in cupboards. Almost every room has it's own feel, vibe, specialised era or subject.

But there's one space where it all comes together and all these vibes and era's and subjects are nicely moulded into a beautiful marriage of items, Our Attic:

African mask hanging besides Dutch oils and contemporary prints. Persian rugs underneath the mid-century armchairs...Books about English Pottery on French marble topped cabinets. A rack full of Harris Tweed jackets opposite a large selection of Old English Billhooks......Not to mention the Imari, Pewter, Mahogany, Bronzes, Art Glass, Portmeirion, bowler hats, decanters, tiles, paperweights, Majolica, Cut drinking Glass......................

The Man behind this brilliant collection? Andrew Tabona, use his name in the search engine and be amazed!

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