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David Andersen

January 27, 2024

David Andersen

Interestingly one of 4 David Andersen's which all related followed each other, and had slightly different, the last one Ivar David Andersen died 1998 whilst not so good for him but from a collectors point of view means your item at least is vintage if not antique.

The original David Andersen was a goldsmith born 1843 died 1901, most David Andersen we see is is from the 1930s to 1950s, by Ivar David Andersen, and was made in the Hippy Christania section of Copenhagen, Denmark. Often very much of that vibe with stylized leaves and birds etc.

Much of his silver was silver gilt with guilloche enamel often in single block colours but could well be multi coloured.

A great thing to collect try and find items in good order as resale wise makes it much more readily saleable, items can be found all over the world and are comparatively easy to find.

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