November 01, 2021


Sounds like a movie, unfortunately we are heading towards a horror movie.

So we all are trying, I say all most of us are trying to do our bit, notice whilst driving around the country generally the verges etc are a lot cleaner. We at the shop used recycled products for all our packing for the website, website sales make eminent sense ref the environment as journeys are condensed with one delivery van, which these days are often run on electricity or lpg.

Nearly every item we use at the shop is recycled from house clearances that in most cases would go to the land fill, our bags are made from recycled polyethylene and are easy to recycle, and are strong and last and last, every bit of paper and card is reused and then finally goes to packing materials, all our dealers bring in boxes and newspaper. L.E.D bulbs are used as much as possible, and we do use gas heating but even though an grade 2 listed building most windows sealed and roof insulated, and we try to balance with the light bulbs as often these act as heating in their own right.

Finally and most importantly our stock is truly green all recycled and saved from wastage, often our stock goes back 200 years maybe spanning 5 lifetimes, and 5 lots of use. #antiquesaregreen

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