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Collecting paintings

January 06, 2021

Collecting paintings

One of the most enjoyable part of the collecting field, possibly as few rules. My recommendation is buy what you like not what you think you should like.

Also whilst investment side of art can be a great money spinner it should not be your only driver. 

I think its nice to collect a type or genre of art however, particularly if in a large house or house in several floors such as in Bath or Cheltenham the Regency town house, really can get away with collecting all sorts. 

Often a clever person collects what's not in vogue at the time, there by increasing there investment potential by buying at right time.

Definitely certain field of pictures are in fashion at various times, please re read paragraph one.

Lots of choice out there a quick look at Top Banana Antique's website and you'll see several hundred from half a dozen dealers. Most paintings come with free post, only the really big ones don't and then we can deliver, we have in house delivery driver, some time we even let him use the van.

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